About Us

Zonatrade S.A. is a company specialized in representing, distributing and promoting pharmaceutical and personal healthcare products. Our core activities include: brand management, representation, marketing, advertising, logistics, etc. Zonatrade´s highly qualified team of professionals can make your brand a success in sales in the Ecuadorian market through our experience and total commitment.




Arkopharma Group is a pharmaceutical laboratory of French origin with more than 30 years of experience on the natural medicin market. Nowadays, Arkopharma is the European leader on medicinal plants based products with an international presence over 66 countries. Arkopharma´s philosophy: Nature is the first laboratory for our wellbeing.




Why choose us?
  • Understanding of the commercial and administrative requirements of retailers and wholesalers.
  • Understanding of the different market categories and analysis to bring an exact and personalized solution to each brand and company represented.
  • Understanding of the consumer tendencies in Ecuador (local needs).
  • Deep experience launching and developing new products, especially cosmetics and personal healthcare products.
  • Customer obsession, since we are continuously developing activities that add value to our customer’s business (merchandising implementation, pharmacy support and management, education support for pharmacists, retailers, wholesalers and consumers).
  • Total management and representation of brands in all trade channels all around the Ecuadorian territory (i.e. pharmacys, supermarkets, retailers and wholesalers).
  • We provide sound business management solutions through our complete focus and commitement on managing sales, marketing, distribution, advertising, Public Relations and Trade-Marketing support.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each company represented (i.e. exclusive marketing, promotion and sales structures).
  • ZONATRADE has a Legal Department in charge of obtaining all the required sanitary registration and/or any other permit required for the comercialization of any given product within Ecuador.